Technical Translations

Our linguistic capability gives us a perfect mastery of the specific terminology for every sector, drawing up texts true to the original and translated with the utmost accuracy.

Ep Translation provides technical translations in all languages, offering to its customers:


The highest experience acquired over years beside technicians of every field (engineering, automotive, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy, building, etc.)


The knowledge and the thorough study of the terms, words and specific sentences of a given sector, thanks to the competence and professionalism of our native speaker translators.

Translation Sectors

Accounting – Aerospace – Archery – Architecture – Art –Biomedical – Building – Business – Chemistry – Commerce –Cooking – Cosmetics - E-commerce- Electronics – Energy – Environment - Fashion – Finance – Insurance – Law – Marketing – Mechanics - Media –Naval - Nuclear - Pharmacology –Publishing –Telecommunications –Tourism - Transport

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