Juridical Translations

E.P. Translation has developed a high-level expertise in the juridical and legal sector, supporting the Justice Department, private Companies, Law and Notary Firms with the service of consultation and specialised translation of juridical documents and acts like:

Financial statements

Judgements and judicial acts (civil and criminal)

Deeds of incorporation

Company contracts and mergers


Certificates of the criminal record

Purchase and sale acts and sureties

Testamentary documents

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*ATTENTION! Depending on the country and jurisdiction, documents shall include the certification of a notary, a tribunal, a consulate or an embassy. Certificating or swearing translations makes translations legally valid abroad. Ep Translation offers a complete service of sworn translations for any kind of document thanks to our sworn translators.

A text proofreading is one of the most important steps in the Translation process: the proofreader checks the coherence and accuracy of the translated text compared to the source one, correcting possible oversights, mistakes or both logical and structural incongruities.

What do we make sure of through this service?

We make sure that translations are correct, adequate and without discrepancies, giving the final product a higher quality.


The service includes also the proofreading of already translated texts, in case the customer wants to verify the quality of a text previously translated by another Agency or by internal company resources.