We make communication possible among subjects who speak different languages.

EP Translation has a broad range of experience in Interpreting services, and operates in any language and in many different contexts, like interviews, web seminars, meetings, speeches, hearings, conferences, etc.

Simultaneous interpreting

It is a technique (in a cabin and with earphones) in which interpreting is performed at the same moment in which the speaker emits the message.

The interpreter orally translates (interprets) the messages of the speaker while he/she speaks and the audience listens to the interpreter in real time using specific earphones.

This type of interpreting provides the best result in terms of quality, immediacy and fluency and is a technique commonly used in conference situations like conventions, seminars, meetings or exhibitions when there is a large number of participants.

Consecutive interpreting

This technique does not require any technical mean to be used, because the interpreter translates the content when the speaker finishes his/her speech or a part of it, thus translating at regular time intervals.

The interpreter takes note of everything that is said and then he/she translates it. It is a very good technique to be used during formal business meetings concerning specific matters.

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